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Welcome to MTGADraft!

Want to draft in MTGA with your friends? Noticed you currently can't do that natively? We're here for you!

  1. (Optional) Import your collection: Enable Detailed logs in game, the toggle can be found in Options > View Account > Detailed Logs (Plugin Support), importing your collection won't work without this activated. Upload your MTGA logs (you should find them at C:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Wizards Of The Coast\MTGA\Player.log) to restrict the draft to the cards you actually own in the game.
  2. Use the controls on top of the page to enter your User Name and indicate your preferences.
  3. Share your session ID with your friends (or join their own session) and wait for your session owner to start a draft!


Session options (Only accessible to the session owner, shared by everyone in your session)
  • Ignore Collections: Draft with all cards of the selected set(s), ignoring player collections and preferences.
  • Set(s): Select one or multiple sets to draft using only with cards from these sets.
  • Bots: Adds virtual players to your draft. They are pretty dumb, but they are doing their best :(
  • Pick Timer: Maximum time in seconds allowed to pick a card in each booster. 0 means the timer is disabled.
Click on More for some additional options:
  • Public: Flags your session as public. It will appear in the "Public Sessions" menu so anyone can directly join.
  • Maximum Rarity: Default is Mythic, which means no restriction. (Also affects sealed)
  • Color Balance: If set, the system will attempt to smooth out the color distribution in each pack, as opposed to being completely random. (Also affects sealed and cube)
  • Custom card list: Submit a custom card list (one English card name by line) to draft your own cube. (Collections are ignored in this mode) More information here
  • Foil: If enabled, each pack will have a chance to contain a 'foil' card of any rarity in place of one common.
Personal options
  • Language: Adjusts the display language of cards. (Only affects cards)
  • Restrict to Collection: If unchecked, your collection will not limit the cards available in the selected sets. If every players unchecks this, you will draft using every cards. (Ignored if "Ignore Collections" is enabled in the session, or when using a Custom Card List)
  • Pick on Double Click: Allows you to double click on booster cards during draft to pick without having to confirm.
  • Notifications: If enabled, you will be notified when a draft is launched.
  • Session ID: A unique identifier for your session, you can use any name, just make sure to use the same as your friends to play with them!
  • Card Display: Adjusts the order of cards within a sealed pool or your drafted cards.

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Click on a player to display the details of their draft.

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Collection Statistics

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{{r}} {{collectionStats[set][r].filter(c => c.count > 0).length}}/{{collectionStats[set]['total'][r + 'Count']}} {{collectionStats[set][r + 'Count']}}/{{4 * collectionStats[set]['total'][r + 'Count']}} {{4 * collectionStats[set]['total'][r + 'Count'] - collectionStats[set][r + 'Count']}} {{collectionStats[set][r].filter(c => c.in_booster && c.count > 0).length}}/{{collectionStats[set][r].filter(c => c.in_booster).length}} {{4 * collectionStats[set][r].filter(c => c.in_booster).length - collectionStats[set][r].filter(c => c.in_booster).reduce((acc, val) => acc + val.count, 0)}}


Additional Session Options

{{customCardList.length}} cards in list.
Use services like Cube Tutor or Cube Cobra to craft your list, export it to .txt then upload it here. Click Here for more information.

Draft Specific Options

In addition to picking a card each round, you will also remove this number of cards from the draft. This is typically used in conjunction with a higher count of boosters per player for drafting with 2 to 4 players. Burn or Glimpse Draft is generally 9 boosters per players and 2 burned cards per round.





Senryoku: mtgadraft@gmail.com (French or English)

MTGADraft Discord: https://discord.gg/KYKzx9m

Support me

Currently this service only costs me time, but if you want to encourage me to maintain and improve it you can donate via PayPal, or just send me some feedback! :)

Patch Notes

  1. 21/05/2020
    • Updated card data with Historic Anthology 3 cards.
    • 'output_log.txt' is now 'Player.log'.
  2. 13/05/2020
    • Owner can now take the role of a non-playing draft organizer.
    • Non-playing owner can review players picks during the draft!
  3. 08/05/2020
    • Added Burned Cards per Round option to play Glimpse/Burn Draft.
  4. 03/05/2020
    • Updated cube list format with support for more parameters (count, set, collector number).
    • Updated Cube Format Specifications accordingly.
  5. 27/04/2020
    • Implemented Winston Draft.
    • Various Fixes.
  6. 25/04/2020
    • Players can now be re-ordered by drag & drop.
  7. 24/04/2020
    • Handle importing logs with collections from multiple accounts.
    • Added an option to randomize seating order.
  8. 21/04/2020
    • Added simple bracket generation (pairings).
  9. 19/04/2020
    • Added card rating for Ikoria (Bot should be just a little less dumb).
    • Added CMC Columns display option for cards in draft logs.
    • Various stability improvements.
  10. 12/04/2020
    • Added specific land slot rules when a single set is selected.
  11. 11/04/2020
    • Added Ikoria basic support.
    • Foils are now disabled by default (option is still available).
    • Fixed missing card when importing collection.
  12. 10/04/2020
    • Improved card image loading.
  13. 08/04/2020
    • Added support for a custom cube format for more control over your boosters.
  14. 07/04/2020
    • Can remove draggable column.
  15. 05/04/2020
    • Added some disableable sounds. I hate them, please contact me if you can help me! :D
    • Draft log is now saved locally until a new one is received
    • Added an option to open saved draft logs
    • Session owner can re-order the table
    • Minor style changes
  16. 02/04/2020
    • Fixed some images.
  17. 01/04/2020
    • Improved bot ordering.
    • Bug fixes.
  18. 31/03/2020
    • Improved/Fixed card database.
    • Fixed Conflux card exporting.
  19. 30/03/2020
    • Draggable cards option in deck builder.
  20. 29/03/2020
    • Added a Color Columns option to display cards.
    • Added a Ready Check for the session owner.
  21. 28/03/2020
    • Updated draft logs. Complete pick information. Can now be exported in MTGO format/to MagicProTools.
    • Fix: No more undesirable duplicates from the use of Color Balancing.
    • Fix: Crash on reconnection.
    • Fix: Correctly handle duplicates in Custom Card Lists.
    • Fix: Correctly export split cards from Ravnica.
  22. 26/03/2020
    • Added a delayed draft log sharing option. Useful for tournament settings.
  23. 24/03/2020
    • Added a stop draft button for the owner.
    • Updated visual of pick timer countdown.
    • Draft logs can now be disabled or exclusive to the owner.
    • Updated Draft Log with a table display.
    • Display disconnected user name.